BALER BALER with Peace Berkada

It has been my dream to visit Baler after watching the movie BALER with Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis and it finally came true last December. We planned our Baler trip after we got back from Maguindanao last September and it was so worth it.

I got to go on a trip with my Secretariat Girls and my solja Babies, Glempot, Jude and Louise ( first time na kompleto silang tatlo, cos Glen is the only one who is always with us) It was a time to relax, discover new places and experience a new adventure. I am not into water sports, first because I do not know how to swim and second I am just afraid of water. But I tried surfing because well, Glen told me to conquer my fear and yas I did overcome my fear of water. It was incredible, although I wasn’t able to stand on my surfboard, I just enjoyed the waves and told my instructor to not expect too much from me. hahaha.

DAY 1. Arrival in our foster home. Free accommodationn in Baler! Thank you  Sheyna 🙂

Before trying out the surfboards, group selfie muna 🙂

After 5 hours in Sabang Beach, tired but super happy 😀 😀
Lunch at our official kainan in Baler 🙂 The best pusit inihaw yey!
Ice cream muna before heading back to Sabang Beach.
Feeling surfer. kemerot.
Visited the Majestic Balete Tree before going to Mother Falls. But because of an accident that happened there, we skipped it and went directly to Deguisit Beach.
Dragonfly Resort our camping place in Deguisit Beach.


After 3 hours of swimming in Deguisit beach, they’re tired but I am still in the market buying our dinner kaya inubos bila yung chicheria. Hayyy. My babies talaga.
Boodle Share Dinner.
Birthday surprise for Regie. It was her first time celebrating her birthday away from her family, and we need to make sure it is memorable.
Pre-new year celebration with my loves.
Playing with losis.
Peace Journey with my loves where we get to know each other better. We laughed, cried and cried even more. It was an amazing way to end our last night in Baler.
Last day in Deguisit Beach.
Dropped by Ermita Hills before going home.

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