Becoming Mindful: #BiglaangThoughts regarding election and engaging peacefully

Grabe sobrang toxic na ng social media dahil sa election. Friends become enemies, family members not talking to each other because of differences of political views. OMG. I’ve talked to different people the past weeks and iba-iba sila ng rason bakit nila iboboto yung gusto nilang iboto. FYG, hindi ko sila tinanong about elections sila … Continue reading Becoming Mindful: #BiglaangThoughts regarding election and engaging peacefully


Being mindful of my purchases- when I see my closet right now, there are a lot of things I will not wear, either hindi sya kasya, or hindi naman bagay, or sobrang laki ng tyan ko and also I’m at home all the time because of the pandemic. The next time we buy something, we … Continue reading LESSONS LEARNED FROM MY CLOSET


I feel kinda down lately because of all the things happening around us (this pandemic, politics, social media, hate, and negativity). Last night, I couldn't sleep at all (because it's too hot), so by 6:00AM (still couldn't sleep) I decided to compile all the beautiful smiles of the people I met during Peace Revolution's International … Continue reading Shine