Siargao Checklist: 14 Things to do in Siargao

Every December, we go to a place we’ve never been before to explore, experience, meet new people, and bond! Last year, we went to Baler, and this time, we chose Siargao Islands from Surigao del Norte in Mindanao. We may not be complete this time, but it was still a mind-blowing trip that I would always treasure.


It’s been ten days since we got back from Siargao but I can still hear the waves and feel the sunburn on my skin. How I wish I could stay longer, learn how to surf, eat in all the recommended restaurants, immerse in the culture and also get to know the locals. But my schedule and even my wallet are already crying because I “broke” but I never regretted saving for it, and I am going back!

And since Siargao has been one of the top destinations lately not just by celebrities but also for all the wandering souls out there, I am making this post to guide everyone on what to do to enjoy and fully experience Siargao.

PS. I have seen a lot of budget Siargao travel guides, but for me, If you want to experience it you need to splurge kasi andun kana rin bes, GO NA YAN!

Rent a bike or motorcycle- if you are not into walking, you can rent a bike for as low as 150/day, it’s much chiller than walking ( since walking from Cloud 9 to Jing’s Place will take 45minutes). The bike quickly takes you to places in General Luna. The road is very picturesque, and biking can let you appreciate island life even more.


Sheyna: Early Morning bike to catch the sunrise in Cloud 9.


And if you know how to drive and have a license, you can rent a motorbike for PHP 350.00 and go to unexplored spots outside of General Luna. Some motorcycles also have surfboard racks that you can use when you want to surf in areas outside of GL.

Walkathon-  Habal Habal is one of the transportation options in Siargao which costs PHP 20.00 per trip in General Luna.  But there’s also much joy in walking on the island and taking notice of the little details. You’ll observe how the island has slowly flocked with foreigners who have lived there for months or have already settled there with their businesses. Also, walking gives you an opportunity to spot a lot of hotties that are actually in every corner of General Luna. AND IT’S FREE!

Island Hopping-  there are at least eight available islands to visit in Siargao, but the most popular are Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island. You can visit these three islands for as low as PHP 395 for the day if you are a group of 7 and up. Don’t forget to take a lot of photos, because where can you find a beach with almost no people?

Soteya: Picture lang ng picture. haha | Naked Island

When we got to Naked Island, there was just one group aside from us who were there, so we kind of enjoyed the island much more.

Kat: Aura sa mga trees. | Daku Island


Soteya: Model ng Tactics. Ayaw iwan ah. | Daku Island
Syempre dapat ako din. hehe | Daku Island

Paddleboarding in Sugba Lagoon – This is the only activity I tried in Sugba Lagoon because I was too afraid to cliff dive, but what I like about paddle boarding the most is having to control your paddleboard and go anywhere you want. I was not able to stand ( as usual haha) but I did enjoy sunbathing and sleeping in it while in the middle of the lagoon.

Mandatory Group Shot in Sugba Lagoon. In reality, nahirapan kaming kunan to cos ang galaw ng paddle board. hahaha


Kat be like: Ready for 2018 jump at Sugba Lagoon.

Explore Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande – Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande is two or more hours from General Luna. The weather was terrible when we were on our way there, but when you are inside the Cove, you will be in awe of the beauty of the place. It’s like the Coron of Mindanao; it’s very breathtaking. The islets were covered with green trees, and the water was also green. It’s majestic and enchanting as if you are entering a new realm. ( char) And also, our boat needs to enter a cave to reach Sohoton Cove. It’s my first time that’s why I was so kilig.


Sohoton Cove


Werk it Girls! | Sohoton Cove


We had lunch in Bucas Grande with our hostelmate, Ron.

Swim in the glowing waters of Hagukan Cave- Hagukan Cave is one of the attractions in Bucas Grande. The name came from the snoring sound it makes when the wind and tide are just right, Haguk in Bisaya means snore. It’s a dark cave with glowing water inside, wherein you have to dive and stop your breathing for like 15 seconds before you can go inside. That’s what I did, and I was not properly oriented  ( or hindi lang nagsink-in sa akin) that’s why I was shoocked! I thought I was going to die, and it’s like a scene from a movie. HAHHAHA. Ang OA. But that’s what I felt. It’s dark inside that’s why we don’t have lovely photos, but we still had lots of fun.

Gaze at the stingless jelly cuties in Tojoman Lagoon – Back then, tourists were allowed to swim in Tojoman Lagoon with stingless jellyfish, but last year, DENR implemented that the Tojoman Lagoon is a no-swim zone. A lot of jellyfish died because other tourists were soo makulit by putting on sunscreen which caused the jellyfish to die.

Cliff jump in Magkukuob Cave –  Although I didn’t try this one cause according to the guide, they’ll have to pass by a very “masikip” cave, and I feel claustrophobic that time, my friends did.  Don’t miss this if you are in for cliff jumping ( although you’ll only do this one time) cause of time pressure; I think you can ask your guide to do time two. Haha.



Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.00.59 AM
At dahil hindi naman ako tumalon, nagpictorial nalang kami ni manong. push!

Check out SIARGAO ISLAND TOURS for the best deals on tours in Siargao.  Kuya Elvis is charming and accommodating, he’d reply to you even at 11 pm. hehe

Swim and Dive at the Magpopongko Pool Rocks- this has to be my favorite Siargao destination ever. I am in love with the crystal “teal” waters of Magpopongko pool rocks because it’s so scenic you just want to stare at every corner of this marvelous place. When we were there, it was almost high tide ( the waves were crashing at us), so we were not able to go to the other side of the pool. (Boo!) Nevertheless, I still enjoyed swimming ( even if I had a hard time) and taking lots of photos with my friends.

Glendford: Chillin.


Soteya: Swim. Swim. Swim.


My fats everywhere. huhu But still sexy though. haha

Surf in cloud 9 and secret spot – I have been to Baler and La Union, but the waves in Siargao is my fave. I was not planning to surf, but they say that going to Siargao and not surf is a BIG MEEH! The spot near Cloud 9 is just minutes away from different hostels in General Luna which is swarmed with surfers ( beginners and pros).


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.01.12 AM
On our way to a surfing secret spot.

Good thing, Kuya Jing and his surf instructors brought us to the Secret Spot ( a 25-minute drive from General Luna) where we surfed freely cause there were just us and like eight people there. I appreciated the fact that you can surf without having to worry that you’ll crash into the people in front of you. And even though I know I will not be able to stand on my surfboard because I can’t even balance on it while lying, I still tried and HAD THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE EVER. I was able to half stand ( if there’s such a thing) for like two times and I think it’s an achievement for me. Hahaha. Having to overcome my fear and decision that I would only let my instructor push me so I can enjoy the waves. I tried my best to stand even if I fell like ten times and had water on my ears and nose ( huhu soo gross). That instance made me feel like a daredevil because I don’t even know how to swim but I just let the waves hit and drown me.  And getting to the surface, and catching my breath is the best feeling ever.


Sheyna: Go lang bes.

You can practice surfing for ten days for PHP 10, 000 to PHP 12, 000 ( for 3 to 4 hours a day) Contact Kuya Jing of Jing’s place and homestay for very affordable and customized surfing packages.

Chill and Relax – There are a lot of places to chill in Siargao. You can spread your beach towel and read a book or sleep in a hammock by the beach. You can also head to resorts like Harana which has an area where you can eat their best-seller, the Harana halo-halo, and sleep in the big bean bags. They also have hammocks hanging on the other side when you want to feel like a baby. haha. Harana gives you a homey vibe that makes you want to jump to bed anytime.

At dahil nagsurf si Teya, Glend and Micah. Kakain kami 😀 😀 😀


Micah: Chillin on the boat while we are on our way to GL from Guyam Island.                                  PS. I Wanted this shot!! hahaa

Party like YASS! – According to the locals that we’ve talked to, there are no same parties every night. If you want a chill party, you head to Vento del Mar for some relaxing music and Harana for a tugs.tugs.tugs party life, we stayed at Bravo though to unwind on our last night. They have very flavourful Spanish food choices and very affordable beverages. A pitcher of Pomada costs PHP 400.00 good for at least ten people. And since our hostel is a block away from Siargao’s Tatoo Jungle Disco, we passed by and observed ( I think we were too shy or tired to dance or party that night). It reminded me of the “disco” organized in Cebu during fiestas. It brought me back to my childhood. haha ( I didn’t go inside discos back then, but it was just so nostalgic.) If you are in for a party till 4 am, you should not miss Jungle for a fun and wild side where everyone is in for FUN!

So on our last night, we had our kwentuhan session wherein we reflected and shared our experiences while we were in Siargao. This is one of my favorite moment. US TALKING AND GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER. 🙂

Food Trip in General Luna- with a variety of restaurants and a mixture of local and international cuisine, your taste buds will evidently be satisfied with the food options in Siargao. You can eat on a budget or splurge to fill your gastronomic cravings.  I feel so unfortunate because I was not able to try Kermit’s pizza cause we have to wait for two hours ( 2 HOURS!!!) before we can reserve a table. We were so hungry already soo.. But it just gives me more reason to come back!

We didn’t miss Mama’s Grill, a BBQ place in Siargao with a lot of ihaw-ihaw options and a lot of people too. Maybe because the food was delicious and very affordable, we ate there for two straight nights. And don’t ever leave Siargao without trying the famous pan de coco, you may have to wait in line, but it is undoubtedly worth the wait.


Isaw for only PHP 5.00 🙂

If you are on a tight budget, there are a lot of carenderia ( food stalls) that sell ready-to-eat meals  (less hassle) with a variety of options. You can also prepare your meals ( a lot of hostels have a shared kitchen which you can use) just head over to the market to purchase fresh seafood and voila!

Get to know the locals – We met the owner of our hostel, Kuya Jing and I was just amazed at how far he has gone since he started his business eleven years ago. He was one of the sixteen registered surfing instructors in Siargao, and he is also a lifeguard. I admire his passion for his craft; surfing because he wanted his student to learn and get value for money. He told us that he is strict because he wanted all of his students to learn and love surfing. He is actually the reason why I want to go back to Siargao because I want to learn surfing from one of Siargao’s best.

Loloy, Glend, KUYA JING, Micah, Kat and Me.

There are still a lot of things that you can do when you are in Siargao that our four days trip isn’t enough to cover everything. I am just glad that we visited almost all of the most incredible places in Siargao and aside from having fun and experiencing new things, what I liked most is having to be with the people who matter most to me.


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