What I watch in youtube

I watch youtube every day, it’s my third space. Something I do after work, before going to bed (parang pagpag). And these are the things that I constantly watch that also helps me transition from work mode to home (chill) mode.

Cleaning videos – My favorite is How Clean is your house, a British entertainment/lifestyle television programme in which expert cleaners Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie visit extremely filthy homes and clean them. (wikipedia) I feel satisfied after the cleaned house is revealed and I also learn a lot about cleaning my own house.

Tiny House – or any tiny house channel – After watching some episodes, I fully appreciated the idea of living in a tiny house. It’s practical and also very easy to organize and clean hehe. My favorite channel is Living Big In A Tiny House and also loved the Tiny House nation on Netflix

Self-Care, Self-Help, Mindfulness, etc- I love listening to people talk about how they take care of themselves, manage their time, etc because I learn a lot! My favorite is Rowena Tsai, she’s very adorable and loves it when she calls her subscribers “sweetest potato” because you know, I’m a potato myself.

Cat vlogs – I’ve been addicted to anything cats since I got my butternuts (6 kittens) last March. Who doesn’t love cats right? I love how cute and needy they are (my cats are effin needy) they also know their schedule of playing, eating and cuddling lol. I follow two channels in youtube. (1) Kittisaurus and (2) Walter and Santi

I love their storytelling and editing too, I wish I can do something like this for my cats as well, since I want to document their adventures too. I have a lot of videos but no energy to edit lols.

Mr Beast- I just love this guy so much! He is very creative and generous. I also find his challenges funny and entertaining. What he did with his channel is genius, his channel is not just about him but also how he helps other people.

That’s it! Do you have recommendations for me to watch? 🙂 Link down below.

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