Creating Happiness: A journey and a mission

I have always thought that I am a “don’t know how to have fun person” or that I am depressed that is why I purchased a book called the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. According to my research (googling) I have shown some signs of depression; unhappiness, feeling of worthlessness, decreased energy and passion and always wanted to sleep. But according to Gretchen, the opposite of happiness is sadness and not depression, so maybe I am not depressed after all, I am just having a quarter-life crisis, trying to figure out what to do next with my life.

While reading the book, I have come to realize that there are little (powerful) things I could do to make each day happier. I just have to figure out how to make to myself “more satisfied” for me to be able to radiate happy thoughts, happy feelings, and positive words.

What makes me happy? This is both a hard and easy question. I am still not sure about what will make me “happy and contented” because I am still on my journey of finding out and knowing myself a little each day. But some things make my heart “kilig”, or my face beam with joy and these are the things that drive me happy.



I have always though that happiness is being confined in your own solitary world (introvert alert), or being alone in your room and watch Netflix (I still do a lot of these) but when I started travelling and see the world (I mean the Philippines), I realized how vast the world is and that there is still a lot of places I need to explore and discover. I relish all the moments that I got to see the sun rises or the sun sets, or just stare at the horizon on the beach, watch the clouds move along with the wind and gaze at the stars in the sky. I love the feeling of the breeze touching my skin while on top of the mountains, the water and the sand on my feet, the rain touching my skin or the sun burning my face. I am fond of smelling the flowers or the grasses along the trail and the breathing in the fresh air while on the summit. Being able to travel is like knowing the little mysteries of the world through the stories of the people I meet and the histories of the places I visit. Travelling makes you a storyteller, it leaves you to wonder and in awe of all the beautiful creations that God created. This makes your feet itch and wanders to see the world. I want to travel more to see, feel, taste, hear and experience the world and become a storyteller myself.



“The Alchemist of Paulo Coelho” always remind me that wherever your heart is, there lies your treasure. That quote made me realize that it is paramount to do the things that you love, no matter how crazy it might seem to other people because that’s where you can find your real treasure (whatever that is to you). There are plenty of things that I love to do; cooking, reading, journaling, taking care of other people, unboxing gifts (even gifts that came from me haha). But what really sticks to me (makes me really happy) is service. I am part of a family that does a lot of serving, inspiring and educating little kids about peace and that makes me feel contented knowing that I am part of something that brings about change to the world. I can sense that, this is my mission here on earth and that God has given me this path because I am capable of inspiring other people (even if sometimes I don’t acknowledge it). I have done a lot of discerning and when I am asked about plans for my future, my heart knows that what I want is the fulfillment of our mission and the realization of our goals, one of which is our own Peace Home. I am so excited and can’t wait for this to happen. When I am faced with a lot of questions and crossroads, I would always ask myself if this thing that I am doing now is worth it, and yes it is TOTALLY WORTH IT.




I used to be a pessimist (I think 25% of me still is) and that is not a very good part of my past. I can recall how negative my aura was and I was always perceived as a peevish, snob and irritable woman that my classmates feared. But when you are surrounded by positive people (meaning Ate Honey, the peace princess no less) you learn to embrace positivity and acknowledge that you have so much light to give, other than being negative. I am used to be annoyed with little things but now, I realized that I should not sweat the small stuff that requires a lot of negative energy which also drains me. And I love the feeling when I am able to stop myself from reacting negatively to situations because I feel that my heart has more control over me and that makes me really glad.

My journey as a “peace hero” means that I have to practice what I preach so that others will trust the sincerity of our mission. Being peaceful and positive is a journey, and it is not an easy road to take but I am thrilled to see myself in the future, radiating positive light and energy to others.

Those are the three things that I aspire; a traveler that tell stories about her experiences, a person who does what she loves and loves what she does and a woman who radiates light and positivity who inspire others to do the same.

And also there are some weird and random things that make me happy and that makes me “me”:


A long bath before I start my day pumps up my energy. That sense of cleanliness that I feel after a long bath gives me a feeling like I am a new person.


Cleaning, rearranging and organizing my room and my office space has a healing effect on me. It calms my soul and organizes my thoughts knowing that the place where I am in is clean, disinfected and organized. (OCD Alert)


I love to eat and cook for others but what will really melt my heart is when the love of my life cooks something for me. He doesn’t have to be a good chef, just the thought of him preparing and taking his time doing something to make me happy is huge. JUST HUGE. Because I am in love with EFFORT.


Eating my comfort foods. My stress will fade away when you serve me with wingman chicken buffalo wings, Papa Johns Pizza or Yellow Cab Chicken Alfredo. It’s like magic and I don’t know why.


Reading and finishing a good book is an achievement for me that gives a surreal feeling. You are happy that you finished the book at the same time you don’t want to finish the book because you are so into it.


I love receiving and reading handwritten letters from friends and people I love. I  treasure them and appreciate people who put time and effort to write me letters and  I love rereading them as well.


My bed is like my sanctuary, my space to feel at home and relax that is why I am kinda “maarte” with my bed like I require people who sleep with me to take a bath first before jumping into our bed. I also don’t like to share my favorite pillow or my blanket. My bed is a sanctuary where I literally feel safe and warm.


It is always a struggle to wake up early for me, and when I do I feel the sense of contentment and overflowing joy to start the day early, eat breakfast and also be able to finish a lot of things.


Being with the people I love (meaning our volunteers, which is like my family already) makes me really happy. I love it when they come together during peace berks day and have fun, catch up, play games even if I am just in the corner watching them. Being around them makes me happy.


One of the things that make jubilant is when I am myself. Happiness is when I don’t have to dress-up for other people or our business meetings because wearing comfortable clothes is life. Happiness is when I don’t have to impress or give a damn about what other people think of me cause you know I am still a work in progress and so is everyone else. Happiness is being true to who I am and standing proud for what I believe. Happiness is contentment with everything that I have right now and accepting everything in my life as a blessing. Happiness is being me, weird but me.

While reflecting on this post, I realized that there is no secret to happiness. We create our HAPPINESS every day. I believe that life is a journey of creating happiness and reflecting our ray of sunshine to the world every day.It is about making the most out of everything and be contented (contented) with all that we have.

How about you, what makes you happy?


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