In Summary: January 2017

This is a summary of what I have been doing this month cause I can’t possibly write every single thing about it. So here it goes.


It is so rare like “once a year rare” that I got to visit them and last December 31, I decided why not spend the New Year with my family. I admit I am not a very family oriented person, maybe because I know they have their own lives now.  I don’t want to interfere, but then I realize that I should visit them often. My dad had told me before I left, “Would you want me to be happy every week, once a month or once a year? You Decide.” It struck me because I know I am not making significant efforts to  be with them, just like with my mom’s side that I also don’t visit always. I want to try this year.

First New Year, First Dinner for the year 2017 with my sisters, dad and Tita Gladys. We are missing Joyce and Brie though.
MMFF Movie Marathon with Mea and Maila 🙂


I always look forward every first week of January where we gather, celebrate and have fun. It is where we begin our year together and it is always an amazing experience to be surrounded by like-minded people who I also adore.

TPBPM Peace Heroes ready for 2017 🙂
My peace siblings 😀


Feels amazing to see new faces who are interested in joining our family. This peace journey is only for those brave souls who has the never-ending passion and love for service and peace. I am excited to get to know them and be with them in their journey of finding peace within them and helping build a Culture of Peace in the country. (#chos)

First Volunteer Orientation for the year, Yey! 🙂


The last time I went to the salon to get my hair fixed was three months ago and it was a failure. Parang nadale lang ako ng budol-budol kasi bumalik lang din sya sa dati after ilang weeks. Oh well, buti nalang may mabait akong friend na may-ari ng salon sa BGC at naka-super discount ako, kaya ayan, goodbye to my lion hair and hello straight-ash-brown hair! 🙂 For affordable, high-end salon experience, visit Hairstylist Studio at the Fort Strip, BGC.

Please excuse my siopao face, masasanay din kayo :p


Whenever I go back to this place, I would always remember the feeling the first time I went here. It was so surreal and mixed feelings of anxiousness, sadness, and happiness. ( Ang kulit bakit ako masaya.)

TPBPM Team in front of the Mamasapano Municipal Hall after the 3 day Children and Parents Formation Session. Mission well done everyone!

This time, I am overwhelmed by the thousand emotions that I felt, most especially the indescribable fulfillment I feel while looking at the kids and the parents from the two schools that we are serving. I can only say “Every pain, heartaches, sleepless nights and stressful moments was all worth it because I am witnessing hope, love, and peace within the community and our family” Keri lang kahit pababalik-balik ako dun at kailangan kong paulit-ulit na masaktan basta makita ko lang silang nakangiti at masaya. (chos)

Okay na akong makita ang mga ngiti ng Pahad, Samuel at King Paris habang kinakanta ang “Kalilintad Song”


Another opportunity to heal, cos why not coconut? If you have read my previous posts, you would know that I left my heart in Maguindanao, but I am slowly getting it back ( keme) pero yas totoo, malapit na unti nalang talaga. I feel blessed to be given the chance like this to be with him, be casual like wala lang because it is an opportunity for me to heal sa pagiging hopya ko 2 years ago. I am hoping that destiny will lead me to more moments like this that will eventually help us to become friends, true friends. Yey!

January has been very busy from finishing all reports from last months’ event and at the same time preparing for another event. Halo-halong emosyon ang nadama ko this month pero it is all worth it. Excited for the love month of February. Yey!

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