1. Being mindful of my purchases- when I see my closet right now, there are a lot of things I will not wear, either hindi sya kasya, or hindi naman bagay, or sobrang laki ng tyan ko and also I’m at home all the time because of the pandemic. The next time we buy something, we should always buy for today, not for the future. I have some purchases where I thought, bagay to saken kapag payat ako, pero until now hindi ko parin nasusuot. hahaha. I was once addicted to lipstick, I have 15 sticks, but in reality I will just use 2 shades. and now there are all expired.
  2. My closet teaches me self-control- Should I buy this? Do I need this? Looking back I wish I did not buy those clothes, and instead save the money. Before you buy something you should always ask yourself “DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS?” Or you are just emotional right now that’s why you want to make a purchase? And also Be mindful that buying anything on SALE is till SPENDING, and not SAVING. What I like about online shopping is that, you can put something in your cart and then think about it first before you buy, because sometimes it’s just impulse. Why do I buy this? Is it to follow the trend? then don’t because hindi mo na yan susuotin after isang taon. 
  3. My closet teaches me to be mindful of my actions- Would you want to wear maduming damit? Hindi diba? Sobrang burara ko dati, that’s why I like to wear black because it’s okay hindi pansin. But when we are in thailand, our uniform was white, and it taught me to be mindful of my actions, para hindi madumihan ang damit ko. Wearing white clothes taught me the value of cleanliness as well.
  4. Our closet teaches me to be polite- we have clothes for different activities, occasions, and our closet teaches us to wear appropriate clothes to certain events. Hindi naman tayo pwede magwear ng sleveless kung saan-saan, may mga damit na binabagayan ng lugar. Being polite to places, culture, religion through our clothing is very important to avoid misunderstanding with other people. 
  5. Our closet teaches me to be simple –Whatever we have in our closet that means, we really love it and it’ll help us feel good in whatever we are wearing. Wearing the same thing or having a few options in your wardrobe will help simplify your decision-making process. Successful people chose to wear the same clothes everyday like Mark Zuckerberg. He claims dressing in the same way allows him to focus his energy on more important decisions at work.
  6. My closet teaches me ‘non-attachment and letting-go” – we are sentimental beings, I use to keep tshirts I wore during High school etc, or things my ex gave me. But when we are too attached to people, things, places, hindi natin binibigyan ng space ang mga bagong tao, experiences, blessings na darating sa buhay natin ng space. Like our clothes, kapag hindi na kasya, ipamigay na, kapag luma na, palitan na. We should not be too attached or else we might missed something even better. 

How about you? What are the things that you have learned from your closet? Share your answers below. And if you want more mindfulness content like this, please don’t forget to subscribe and be updated with all my contents


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