Flavours and Memories of Bangkok

I travel for culture, story, adventure and of course food. I believe that tasting the food of a place and seeing the ingredients in their local markets is one of the best way to get to know their history. Food can tell us a lot of stories from our past and how our ancestors lived their lives before and how every cuisine came to be.

I love food so much that every time I eat something, I guess it’s ingredients once it is on my mouth. I am amazed by how certain ingredients go well together and others do not. I love how each country, province and small barrios have their own distinct way of presenting their food. Bangkok is a foodies’ dream, it’s bursting with flavours waiting for you to try them, and I couldn’t be more excited to try everything Bangkok has to offer. I’ve been in Bangkok two times and below are my favorites!

Pad Thai by Thipsamai- A Michellin Star restaurant that sells the Best Pad Thai in Bangkok. Taxi drivers have been telling me to eat here (during my first time in BKK), and although we did not ate in the restaurant because the lines were too long, we were able to order take out. And yes, it has been the best pad thai have ever tasted so far. The flavor is simple, yet different and knowing me I could finish a bowl when I want to.

Pad Thai in ChatchuChak Market- If you want big prawns in your Pad Thai, this version in ChatchuChak Market is also a must-try. The prawns are fresh and really tasty adding to the flavour of the noodles. We ate this during my first time in Bangkok but this is my fifth pad thai lol, when Drei, Crisha and I were too tired touring ChatuChak, we saw this big prawns and we suddenly became hungry hehe.

Chicken Pandan – It was our second night in Bangkok (after the Youtube Creators for Change Regional Summit) we went out to try Bangkok Streetfoods! We saw this along the streets of (in the old city), and didn’t really expect anything but boy, it is yummm. I ordered two because one is not enough. hehe.

Mango Sticky Rice – I love the nostalgic feeling whenever I eat this, it brings back so much memories of my childhood in Cebu but at the same time it feels like something new. This version of my favorite puto at manga is a must try in Bangkok. They also have a version in Chiang Mai ( with custard egg).

Stir-Fry Beef – This is one of the dish we want to eat everyday. hehe. But we did not, because the store was closed when we went back. The small food restaurant is along 22 Soi Samran Rat, Samran Rat near Once Again Hostel, where we checked in last year. The flavor is bursting with garlic but not overpowering the beef. Also love the chili sauce that came with it.

Seafood Tomyum – Our friend Nicole treated us to this Seafood place near her working place (Bang Phai, Bang Khae, Bangkok) We took the train from the city center to her working place, it was memorable because we don’t have a wifi (kuripot much) so we had a hard time going to her. But when we did, she treated us with seafood! I forgot the name of the place but they served this Seafood Tom Yum that’s so flavorful. It’s like sinigang but no, it’s tom yum (lol). I love the added herbs that made the dish distinct, and also love the presentation. ehehe.

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