Lessons learned from Lloyd Cafe Cadena

I was at work when I heard the news that he passed away. But it did not sink in to me right away, few hours passed I check again my social media and then it hit me. He is trending in twitter ( all ten spots) and when I visited his facebook page, I saw the announcement.

Hindi ko sya talaga tuluyang matangap sa totoo lang. I’ve met him once during the Creators for Change Bootcamp in August 2018 and he was so humble. He told us he wanted to join our peace missions in Mindanao. That’s our only real-life encounter but through his vlogs that I religiously watch especially during the lockdown, it’s as if I’ve known him my whole life.

He is such a good person and I am inspired by who he is as an influencer and as a son. I am in awe of his generosity and his love for his community in Kaingin. Actually hindi padin ako maka.get-over, parang feeling ko, or gusto ko sana isang araw pag.gising ko sabihin nila ng it’s a prank! Buhay sya, may bago syang upload. Mamimiss ko sobra dahil yung vlogs nya yung pang.break ko from work every night for five months. He helped me survive quarantine, he kept me sane. I would totally miss him but I will not let his legacy die in my life without reflecting on the lessons that he taught me.

  1. Always Give Back – Every year he has this 12 days of Christmas series where he gives gifts to people, he also gave school supplies every pasukan at ngayon ngang pandemic, he still gave time and effort para sa mga kapit-bahay nya at namigay din sya ng tablet para sa mga bata. That’s how he is, kahit mayroon na syang 8M subs ( in two of his youtube channel) laging naka.apak ang mga paa nya sa lupa, lagi syang nagbibigay pabalik at hindi nakakalimot sa kung saan sya nagmula, sa kung anong community ang tumulong na humubog sa kanya.
  2. Be proud of your roots- He grew up in a squatters area (like me) and he is very proud of showing his reality to his millions of subscribers. He is not plastic, he honors his roots and introduces to a lot of people what life in the squatters is like. He inspired thousands of people living in the squatters din to not be afraid to show the real you and be proud of what you have. He is not afraid to give us a glimpse of his life in the squatters, even if sometimes it’s messy and dirty, but it is reality and that’s what makes him lovable and relatable.
  3. Be Happy in seeing other people grow and prosper – His love for BNT, sobrang nakaka.inspire yun, I can see myself in him helping other people grow and watching them become butterflies. I admire his love for BNT and how he guided them through the years, in all reality, kung hindi dahil sa opportunity na binigay nya for them, they would not have what they have right now. Nakakaiyak lang na, before sya mawala, minake sure nya na may sarili-sariling youtube career ang mga anak.anakan nya.
  4. Love and honor your parents and always remember their sacrifices for you- We can see in his vlogs lalo na itong mga nakaraang buwan how he admire his parents lalo na his mother. He bought a house dahil magreretire na ito. I don’t relate as much dahil hindi ko kasama and mga magulang ko since broken family, but if given a chance, I’d like to treat my parents with all the things they need as well kagaya ng ginagwa ni Lloyd.
  5. Love unconditionally- He was broken a lot of times. He may not have shown it to his viewers but I know how loving he is a person and that he gives his all that’s why when he is hurt, he really needs a time out. I watched his Siargao vlog and I got to know him more ( not just the funny side) but a deeper person that I appreciated a lot.
  6. Always be there for your friends- this hits me the most I think, I’ve been so busy these past few days (as in) to the point that I don’t talk to any of my friends because I’m also thinking that they would understand me (lol) but I know not everyone is as low maintenance as me. I realize from the messages of his friends how he really gives time and nurtures his relationships with the people around him. Ang dami na nyang kaibigan pero hindi sya nawawalan nang oras sa kanila lalong-lalong na kapag kailangan sya nila. Natouch ako sa message ni Michelle Dy, she’s been the target of a lot canceling by the netizens but Lloyd has been there for her. I admire their friendship and how Lloyd invests in people.
  7. Share to people what you have learned- his channel is a peek to the Filipino Culture, I read this somewhere, and yes it’s true. I’ve been thinking a lot about my direction in life, or what am I gonna do with my channel but upon reading this I was brought back to my reason why. It’s not just for my personal diary but also for other people to learn from me, my experiences, and my journey. I remember he said, he created his series LC Learns so that he can share with other people what he has learned, and maybe they can learn from it too, and that’s amazing.

There are a lot of things that he taught me, every video that I watch from his vlog is a learning journey, and I would totally miss his laughter, his wisdom and his whole being.

Dear Lloyd, we may not have the chance to get to know each other, but know that you will always have a special place in my heart and in life. Thank you for inspiring me and for growing with me through your vlogs.

Ilang araw ko tong dala-dala, hindi ko parin tangap na wala ka na, pero unti-unti, babaunin ko ang bawat lesson na bigay mo sa akin. Maraming Salamat. You will forever be missed. I love you.

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