2019 in Review: The Year I found myself

A HOME FOR MY MOM- I finally decided to invest in a home for my mom. It;s a very rush decision, young tipong hindi mo an pinag.isipan kasi baka magbago ang isip mo, but I really wanted to do this for her. And also, its for myself. I have been living everywhere since I was young, so this is my attempt to create a home base. Somewhere I can finally say that I am home, I will be coming home.

WATCH JASON MRAZ LIVE IN A CONCERT !! – Jason is my savior, his songs saved me way back when I first heard his music back in 2002. Up until now, he inspired me to look for the good in everything and to love despite all odds. This concert is so nostalgic, brought back a lot of memories of my youth, as he sang his greatest hits like remedy, I’m yours, etc. I’m really not in a good place looking back, but when he sang Remedy- the lyrics just hit me.. “I won’t worry my life away.” He is a legendary musician, I don’t know why a lot of people don’t realize that but his music heals, it saves. I am very grateful to be able to experience listening to him while he performs. I hope this won’t be the last.

BACK TO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK – In June this year, I got to be an Atenista. (hahaha). I am so stoked that I got accepted as one of the scholars to participate in the Executive Course on Gender-based Violence in Emergencies organized by Ateneo de Manila University and UNICEF. I am so happy to be able to go back to school even for a while, I experience listening to our teachers, collaborating with others, making a project proposal (thesis lol), and also eating in the canteen! I feel really happy while walking on the campus — I wish I could go back to school again.

RAK OF AEGIS – I have watched this before already but I watched it again to support my Ate Kakai, she’s part of the cast and I could be prouder! The show is amazing, the story, the set, the cast, the music – it’s a performance that we should not miss! Although this day is amazing, this day also brought a lot of confusion to my life lol. Someone did something that confused me, I can still remember how it felt when he kissed my hair ( I was shocked but then, did he really? )but I did not react — but then looking back, maybe I have nothing to be confused about after all.

WORKING WITH GOOGLE – One of my ultimate dreams is to work for Google because I love their office so much! But this year, I got to work with Google for a project called Cyberpeace. We also went to their office this year (a lot) and I enjoyed it very much.

  • FIRST SOLO-BACKPACKING – It’s my 32nd birthday this year, I usually celebrate my birthday working so I really set aside my birthday week for myself. It’s my first time traveling alone, it’s scary, to be honest, but it also felt liberating. I feel so happy traveling alone, and for the first time, I don’t need to worry about anyone or anything. I follow my schedule, do what I want and eat what I want. I only have to take care of myself, and it felt so good. Read Here

I FINISHED A 42-DAY MEDITATION PROGRAM – I started doing an online meditation program to learn about meditation ad mindfulness and it has been changing my life. I learned a lot about myself, about the things that I really want.

14 DAYS OF MEDITATION IN LOIE, THAILAND – In my darkest of days, lowest of lows, God gave me this opportunity to heal myself, develop myself, and let go of all my worries, and fears, frustrations, and conflicts with myself and others. I also got to meet amazing people on this journey and made me realize that wherever I am in the world I know that somewhere, they are there.. meditating with me. Read my reflection here.

MEETING THE TEACHING MONKS OF THAILAND – Learning about meditation from the teaching monks is one of the biggest highlights of this year. It’s my first time meeting monks and I am the luckiest to be able to learn from them for fourteen days. They have imparted to me knowledge and skills that have equipped me for the next chapter of my life. I also got to do the morning gratitude activity and it is a really humbling experience.

INDOCHINA BACKING – 15 days trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. We visited at least 8 cities on this trip and it has been a whole level of experience. I planned everything for this trip, booked the accommodations and experiences and it was a roller coaster while planning this lol. This is my first leisure travel that’s outside of the Philippines that’s why it’s so memorable. I learned a lot about the countries we visited and appreciate their culture, food, and history a lot. This experience opened my eyes to a lot of things and also made me want to travel more —— and see the world more. Read more–

SPENT CHRISTMAS IN HO CHI MINH – This is a normal day – while we tour around Ho Chi Min and Mekong Delta, but it was my first Christmas in another country that’s why it’s one for the books but looking back  I still love the Christmas spirit of my beloved Philippines, It’s different. 

SPENT NEW YEAR IN CHIANG MAI – This is a magical night, welcoming the new year in Tha Pae Gate under the thousand floating lanterns. I have watched something like this in Tangled, and it was magical.  It was an amazing experience and I would never ever forget this moment

MEETING MY SOUL ANIMAL – I finally got to bond with my soul animal. According to www.uniguide.com/ when the elephant is your spirit animal, you have been blessed with a powerful and wise guide.  As a family-oriented animal, the elephant reminds us of our deep bond with others and the interconnectedness of our world.

FIRST TIME IN ANGKOR NATIONAL PARK – Visiting the Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I feel very fortunate that I was able to do this in my lifetime lol. It felt so surreal walking in the different temples, I could only imagine the people, the history of the place, and I am lost in time. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that is something I would want to do again. I’d love to bring my kids here, so they also learn about this majestic place. Read More about what we did here — 

FOOD TRIP IN THAILAND, CAMBODIA, AND VIETNAM – I love food so much that’s why when I travel I see to it that I eat! hahaha. I learn about the place through their food, I also love tasting different flavors from different countries, we ate a lot in short.  Read about my Chiang Mai Food Trip

This year is the best way to enter the new decade, I learned about myself- I experience a lot, I finally let go. This is the year that I have finally found my self and my inner peace. 

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