My First Out of the Country: 3 Nights in Bangkok

I represented our organization for the Creators for Change Conference organized by GOOGLE AND UNDP. The summit was just one day but I had my stay extended so that I can enjoy my stay in Thailand a bit. 



We spent our first night in Bangkok on a river cruise along the Chao Phraya River and this got to be one thing that I enjoyed the most because of course FOOD. The buffet featured an extensive choice of Thai food. ( 80% ata nang food, maanghang) and other options such as sushi etc. 

Aside from the food, I got to see WAT ARUN lit up at night as well as the other temples which was really the highlight of my day. And we (team PH) started the disco in the bought which also made everyone dance. it was so FUN! ( wapakels ako sumayaw kasi di ko sila kilala ahahaha) 


This is the venue of our event, where the YOUTUBE POP-UP SPACE is located that is why I was able to visit this place. 

Chang Chui is located in Sirindhorn Rd, Khwaeng Bang Phlat, Bangkok, Thailand, and is listed by TIME MAGAZINE as one of the 100 places to visit in 2018.  It’s an artistic place to hang out, chill, and enjoy the flavors of Thailand. The highlight of the place is of course the Airbus which will welcome you as you enter the place together with other HUGE BIGATURES (The skull, the dog, etc) As you explore the area, you will find sculptures, colorful murals, urban art pieces using metal junks and other art pieces by local artists.  It’s a cool way of getting to know the Thai as well as being inspired by their art.  The place also features a lot of cafes and restaurants with a wide selection of food, craft beers, and a few boutiques for clothes. 

What interests me is how the place was made up of reused items/structures but then it was still perfect together. I love how they made use of things that we thought may not be useful anymore.


According to Google, there are almost 400 temples (wat) in Bangkok but there are three must-visit temples; Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho. I have never visited Wat Pra Kaew because of my limited time and I also don’t want to spend 500 Baht when I know I cannot make sulit my money because I need to leave and finish my itinerary. 

Anyway, I visited Wat Arun two times, the first time, we walked from our hotel ( Millenium Hotel) which is more than 1 hour walk to Wat Arun. What I enjoyed the most aside from witnessing the grandeur and beauty of the temple is when our journey before reaching there.

  • When checking things to do in Thailand, I was really stoked to see beautiful temples to check and I was excited to visit them all! But due to the very short 2 days of our Thailand escapade I was only able to visit two, The Wat Arun ( Temple of Dawn) where we walked from our hotel ( Millenium Hilton) to Wat Arun, it was very exhausting 4KM walk ( I dont walk that much) but what I really loved about that experience is that I was able to  roam into the monasteries and households of thailand because we entered small alleys to get to the temple, it was fun and very exhausting.! 

Nigh Life in Khao San Road 

  • I am not a party animal nor I drink outside of my house, but going to Khao San is an experience of a life time. There were a lot of streetfoods including exotic ones like bugs and scorpions. 
  1. TIPS
  2. Stay near Khao San Road or in Dinso Road which is 10 to 15minutes away from most of Bangkok’s hottest spots ( Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Chatuchak)
  3. USE GRAB if 1. you want to save time, 2. convenience, 3. save. 
  4. DOWNLOAD a TRANSLATOR APP. It’s a life saver and can help you communicate with the locals.

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