Hola bola! Kamusta ka? It’s been 13 months since I last posted a monthly life highlight and I realize na tasking pala sya. HAHAHA. So Gagawin ko nalang syang quarterly para hindi masyadong haggard. Although I’d love to document as much as I can pero baka nga mas okay na ang ganito ( hahaahhaha) Okay So, January palang there are a lot of things that happened already. ( I actually can’t decide kung mag.Eenglish ako dito or ano) haha.

  1. JUMPSTART 2018- It’s a new year with the amazing and inspiring people of TPBPM and we always look forward to every January’s Peace Berks day where we dress up, have fun, play games and eat a lot of delicious foods prepared by Ate Seng.
So kami tlaga ang nasa food station. 😀 😀
Me and my favourite girls in the whole universe.
First Family Photo of 2018

2.  SCUBA DIVING IN TALIKUD ISLAND ( DAVAO)- First of all I don’t know how to swim but Kuya said hindi naman daw kailangan marunong lumangoy so go nalang!? haha. I have never been so scared in my entire life ( charrrr) kaya two times ata akong bumalik sa itaas cos I don’t know how to breathe / or use the stuff ( scuba stuff) but the third time I did it right kaya even if I feel like my ears were about to burst, I still enjoyed swimming with Nemo and his fam and it was one of the best 27 minutes of my life.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 9.06.49 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 9.07.03 PM

3. CHASING WATERFALLS IN ILIGAN- To end our twelve-day Peace Mission in Mindanao, we chased waterfalls in Iligan City. Sobrang bilis lang with the first two falls and we basically stayed more sa Tinago Falls. Handa na akong mastuck sa baba kasi ang tirik nya talaga paakyat but I did it! 😀


4. PEACE MISSION IN MARAWI – 8 months after the Marawi Crisis, we were able to go back to bring hope and smiles to our little peace heroes in Marawi. It’s so surreal being there knowing what happened and you know it’s not really over. It gave me chills.

Near the Bridge in Ground Zero. We can’t cross the bridge since no civilians were allowed.
We painted this mural at the Marawi City Library back in 2013. 5 years after, it’s still there.

5. ATE HONEY in ASHOKA – When we started TPBPM back then, we don’t have anything, all we know is that we need to do it. But along the way, God provided us with resources we need and people who selflessly committed to helping us with our mission. The Ashoka Fellowship of Ate Honey is one of the biggest blessings that we have received this year, the process was very madugo and I am just so happy that Ate passed it with flying colors and I am so proud of her 🙂

6. Peace Heroes Camp- It was overwhelming na mayroon na namang mga bagong myembro ng pamilya na alam mong magcocontinue ng advocacy. It’s amazing how the energy of these like-minded people also filled me this week.  I am excited to all the peace missions we’d do. And also, I fear public speaking, but that day I decided I need to. HAHAHAHA. IDK if it’s good or bad that they are laughing during my talk but I am happy I did it. I have always been afraid of being judged lalo na pag nabulolol ako sa harap ( GEED NO) But I am glad I did the first step.

Me and my double chin discussing the Peace Heroes handbook which I also crafted. May naniwala kaya sa akin? 😀

7. ONE DAY IN MAGUINDANAO- It was 3 years ago when we first went here. A lot has changed in my life because of this place and it will always be special to me. We went there last week and I could feel the love of a family most especially when we went to Tatak. I am overwhelmed by their love and support and then I thought, this would have not been possible if not because of the love and support that our dear volunteers also gave.  I am just so overwhelmed.

Ate with the kids
29681375_10216397382993653_777542032_o (1)
They prepared this inihaw na dalag for us and I was so touched. Kaya ako tumataba sa field eh. HAHAHA

8. WEBSITES, CSS AND HTMLS – Back in 2010, I learned how do CMS and a bit of html. And ever since, it has been one of the things that really excites me, its something that I can do even without eating or sleeping. It’s the thrill of failing, trying again and making it happen that excites my being. I am happy that I got to do this again and feel the same energy when I used to do it back then. Kaya lang medyo nadrain ako after almost 2 weeks of sleeping in the AM. PERO ANG SAYA SA FEELING.

9. WILD WEEKEND AT THE VAIKUNTHA FOREST FARM- Not that wild but at least we got to detox our tummy, our mind, our heart from all the negativity of the outside world. We ate all organic vegan food for two days yey! PS. I almost slept at the yoga session and I enjoyed chigong!

10. CCF, BIG FRIDAYS and LifeGoals with friends – we started conquering mountains last 2015 and then waterfalls, then beaches and now what I am most proud of is our spiritual journey together. We started this series from CFF and I am so blessed to have people around me who just don’t support me from another aspect of my life but also my spiritual life. I may be the ate of the group, but looking back, it was Kat who brought us together. From conquering mountains to committing our lives to Christ. She would always say she doesn’t have talent pero hindi nya narealize how good she is in connecting with people and bringing them together. Kat, Thank you for being our anchor. And also it was my first time to attend BIG Fridays, although I started attending Sunday Service in CCF last October, it was really the first time that I decided that I wanna go and meet people outside TPBPM. It’s a feeling that I have not known for a long time but it also feels like home. I also realize that there are different kinds of rest, and for me, BIG Fridays is a REST WITH GOD. It’s a day where you forget everything and just focuses on him ( something I have not been able to do for soo long) and it feels magical to be able to feel that connection by worshipping him and hearing all the testimonies of the people that experienced his miracles.


BIG Fridays Table 42


PS. Sana hindi ito ang huli this year. 😀 😀 😀

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