29th Birthday in La Union

Every first week of November, I have always been so busy working. I have planned to take a leave and really celebrate my birthday but alone. I have been wanting to travel alone but because of all the things I did to do, I have always put it aside. But not this year, I reserved a slot in Flotsan and Jetsam Hostel, so that I will not back-out (hehe)

And on the last minute, Kat decided to join me. hahahaha I was like, WHYYY. But also happy because I have company.

We had breakfast in the hostel and tried some Makai Bowls.

And while we are roaming around La Union, we bumped to some familiar faces.

Turns out, they are planning to surprise me at midnight but then they got busted. hahahaha.

Kat and I enjoyed the beach while the others went to surf. I’m really not a surf-kind of girl, so we just sun-bathe there and watched as the sun sets.

The sunset in La Union is freakin lovely. I was just mesmerized by the colors and I am thankful I got to see this to celebrate my birthday.

We spent the night here in this balcony, listened to the waves, played some games and took some photos. And when 12am strikes, another surprise came.

More of my friends came, with a cake. I was so surprised and touched by the gesture.

I spent the day of my birthday sleeping in the common room of Flotsam and Jetsam. haha

This is one of the moments where I feel so loved. And I am blessed to celebrate my birthday with them in a very chill place.

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