29 BLESSINGS: A Birthday Apppreciation Post

I will be turning 29 in a few days ( November 5), and I honestly feel a thousand emotions right now. I am freaking out because WTF I am almost thirty and there are still times when I don’t know if I am doing everything right, or am I making the right decisions, or I am keeping the right people in my life. Before, I don’t mind adding numbers to my year, but right now it feels different. While I was talking to Ate Honey earlier, I shared to her how “pressured” I am right now because I only have one more year before turning 30 and I think I still have a lot of things to accomplish in life. But then I also realize that I should not try to fit into the society’s standard of what’s your life’s suppose to be when you are 30.

It’s scary, but I don’t want to focus on my fear, my failures and the things that I have not done yet because there have been a lot of beautiful people and things that God has blessed me all throughout my 29 years of existence. And this month of November I want to look back and reflect on the sublime gift that God has given me. Below are the God’s blessings that had helped me grow into the person that I am now.

( PS. Please click the title to read the blog post for each topic. ) 

  1. The Separation of My Parents
  2. Growing Up with My Lola Tilde and Lolo Ino in Cebu
  3. Living with my Aunts from Different Cities
  4. My elementary years in Cebu: Peace Princess 1993
  5. Papa Danny and Tita Gladys
  6. My siblings: Jhoyce, Mea, Maila and Christian
  7. Moving to Davao in 2001
  8. High School Years, Oh My High School Years.
  9. ADA: Hidden Love, REVEALED ( haha)
  10. Moving to Manila in 2005
  11. My AABC Family:
  12. My ELMA Barkada: Young, Wild and Free
  13. GroupAID Family: Through Thick and Thin
  14. Waging Peace in the Philippines
  15. Asia America Initiative:  My Training Ground
  16. To my Ex-Lovers, Thank you.
  17. To my ex-almost and ex-maybe’s, I’d be forever grateful.
  18. MS3: WUAAAAT.
  19. 10 Amazing People I met in my 29 years of existence.
  20. Kat: My sister from another mother
  21. Cathy: #Cousingoals since 1988
  22. Badet Explores Pinas (muna, world na ang kasunod)
  23. Ate Honey: My Peace Journey with the Peace Princess
  24. Kuya AG: My advocate inspiration
  25. Secretariat Team: The angels in my mission
  26. TPBPM: My Family, My Purpose, My Mission
  27. Schools and Communities of Peace Heroes Formation Program
  28. My Caring Heart (chos)
  29. My journey leading to HIM.



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