10 things to do when you are stressed:

Someone told me that when you love what you do, you will not feel stressed or burned out. For me, feeling stressed and drained is a reminder that we need to slow down and listen to what our body, mind, and heart say. When you love what you do, you still feel the stress yet you try to overcome it by doing things that make you happy and activities that would take a bit of the pressure away. It may not solve all your worries, but it sure will relax you and keep you back on track.

Here are the things that help me take the stress away. Read on, and it may be useful to you too.

CLEAN THE HOUSE/ROOM/SPACE – The process of cleaning and the output ( clean space) helps me destress. I love it when I smell fresh sheets when I see my things organized and the feeling of a newly mopped floor. Decluttering my space helps me increase my productivity because a clean room/space helps me finish my tasks quicker. Likewise,  it is like a bonding for me and a form of exercise which helped I stretched my muscles a bit.

ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET – I feel like I have done something great when I organize my closet. I love seeing my clothes in order by colors, feeling ko ang organize ng buhay ko 🙂 It helps me decide quickly on what to wear and reduces my stress levels in the morning.

EAT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD – Find the food that lowers your stress. Mine are Chicken Buffalo Wings by Wingman, Chicken Alfredo ( Yellow Cab), Chocolait, and Honey Chicken by Papa Johns Pizza. I also love Watermelon shakes and cupcakes. You see, when I eat them, I feel better. I feel like my problems fade away. It helps me think of solutions. It gives me an energy boost that  I need.

LISTEN TO YOUR JAM ( FAVE PLAYLIST) IN THE MORNING– To pump up my mornings, I usually start by listening to my favorite playlist, a.k.a. 90’s to early 2000’s music. It gives me a feeling of nostalgia, and I don’t know why but it made my mornings a lot better.

PAMPER YOUR FEET – Your feet are like the most overused part of your body lalo na kung gala ka ng gala. Feeling mo minsan hindi kailangan pero it’s really nice to soak your feet in a hot water every once in a while. You can show it some love by giving massages, foot spa and a fresh pedi. Beautiful feet, beautiful day.

WATCH A MOVIE ALONE- It makes me feel pleasant, relaxed and independent. I really can’t explain the weird feeling I sense every time I go out to the cinema alone. I remember one Valentines I watched “That Thing Called Tadhana” alone together with a sea of lovers. It’s quite awkward at first but after the film, it felt liberating.  Although I love watching movies with my friends, I also enjoy my solo movie time once in a while ( lalo na kung stressed ako).

CREATE SOMETHING- I remember when I was depressed for two months, and I could not work properly, I feel like I was dead so I decided to start painting. It was not new to me since I am exposed to artists, but I am not good at it. When you paint, you focused on the colors, the patterns and the strokes of the brush that you tend to forget your problems for a while. It is relaxing. You don’t have to know how to paint to create something; you can write a poem, an essay or post a new content on your blog, you can create a new menu or try that recipe your Lola gave you, you can compose a new song or do whatever that makes you forget all your troubles ( at the moment) JUST DO IT.

READ A BOOK- books can take you places you’ve never been, introduce you to people you’ve never met and show you experiences to learn from. It will take you to a whole new universe and can make forget your own even for a while. You will never know, the answer to your worries may be found in the book you are reading.

LEARN SOMETHING NEW– Find something new that interests you; photography, DIY, and crafts, hiking, painting, surfing. Whatever that is, always remember that learning something new is also learning more about yourself. It helps relieve stress because instead of focusing on the “stress” you focus on learning.

PAUSE AND REFLECT – Maybe all you need is a time alone where you can rethink your life and the choices you are making. Pause and look into your life in a different angle, pause and listen to what your heart has to say. Pause and step away from whatever is causing you stress and from whatever is hurting you. Slowing down will help you relax and recharged to face the world. Slowing down will clear your heart and your mind.

Those are the things that make me happy, now if you have enough savings then, by all means, book that flight and TRAVEL ALONE. Travelling alone will help you learn more about yourself, pause, reflect and view life in a different perspective. What about you, what enables you to destress?



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