My Biglaang Davao Distressing Trip

It’s so biglaan that I booked a ticket the moment I realized I needed an escape. The month of May and June was so stressful (for me) that even if I know, I don’t have the time to be stressed because of a lot of things that needed to be done, I also knew that I overstretch my self to the point that I have nothing left to give.

Why Davao? It wasn’t my first choice. La Union was, but then because of an insufficient time to organize my itinerary (since I want to leave ASAP) I opted for Davao where my family lives. My cousin Cathy prepare our itinerary for 3 days of gala and beach, beach, beach.

While in Davao for four days, a lot of things came to mind: ( sobrang throwback kalerks)

While in Davao for four days, a lot of things came to mind: ( sobrang throwback kalerks)




Saan ba ako dadalhin, netong hangin na tumatangay sa akin? Sasabay ba ako sa anod o tataliwas sa kung ano ang nakasanayan?  | Cannibad, Samal Island, Davao


Kaylayo ng inyong tingin, saan ka na nakarating? | Phil. Eagle Center, Davao City


Gusto kitang sundan, ngunit ito ba ang tamang daan? Gusto kitang habulin ngunit kasing bilis ng hangin ikaw nawala, nawala sa kawalan at hindi na makita. | Malagos 2017


In October 2010, I was in Makati and you were in Malagos, I remember you told me we’d build our home here. Would it still be possible? Or will I just continue dreaming? | Malagos 2017



Wala nang iisipin pa, wala nang mamahalin pa kundi ikaw. oo ikaw, | Talikod Island, Samal


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 1.36.08 PM
Thinking “what could’ve been” if you and I became we. | Dayang Beach, Talikod Island, Samal

During our Island Hopping in Talikod Island, you were all over my head thinking “what could’ve been if you and I became we”. With all the signs (or am I just overthinking) you gave out before, I am just so stupid not to realize how you feel.

You are my “TOTGA” and as of this moment, I weep that I could not change that, that you are happily married and I am still looking for my self, clueless if I could ever find someone like you (char).

I always wonder what life has for us, Do we still have a chance? Do we still have our Happy ever after?

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