April 1, it’s April Fools and Micah’s birthday. For us to pull the birthday prank/ surprise for her we remain chill the whole day. We are actually in CMO school for the Peace Journey Session of the first batch of Civil Affairs Class and so we were kinda busy ( feeling busy na isipin nya na wala talaga).


  1. Greet her a Happy Birthday umaga palang.
  2. Request a Birthday pansit from Capt Feria that we ate during meryenda that somehow parang naging celebration chenes nadin namin.
  3. Be Busy para feeling wapakels.
  4. Be vigilant na kapag wala sya, you prepare other stuff na hindi pa tapos gawin like printing haha.
  5. Maintain communication and eye contact with others.
  6. Proper coordination and tasking of roles.


1. Open When Letters- is an inexpensive yet memorable gift to give to your friend, boyfriend or whoever. It is composed of different topics depending on your theme. For Micah, we chose these themes na nagdedefine din ng friendship namin with her like advices, photos, puzzles etc.

2. Main Letters- We asked our friends to give Micah one advice that she might be able to use/ ponder on as she goes through this thing called life.



During the CMO Peace Journey Workshop, we usually have a Cultural Night on the first night where participants feature different Cultural Dances from all over the Philippines. We also had a peace jam with Musicians for Peace Ambassadors Chloe and Ash ( perfect na andun sila kasi sila maglelead ng surprise) tasking besh!


Host and Lead Singers- As they are hosting the Peace Jam and Cultural Night, they will give the signal when to surprise her.

Sanggang Dikit The person who will accompany the celebrant everywhere she goes, that’s Sheyna. She’ll entertain her in every way possible para lang hindi sya tumingin sa pinto kung saan mangagaling ang magdadala ng cake.

The Hila Crew – When the hosts signaled the singing of Happy Birthday, Taj asked for Micah’s hand para dalhin sya sa front while Shaira prepared a chair in front where she can sit.

The Cake Bringer – Kat and Ivy brought the cake inside when Chloe and Ash started singing the happy birthday song. So like most of the time na nagCucultural performance, nasa labas sila.

The Plot Twist- Since we are in a Military Camp, the soldiers/participants demonstrated the Traditional Birthday Binyag that they do when someone is celebrating birthdays. Which is buhosan ng tubig. Isang basong tubig. And soo after all the happenings, parang basang sisiw si Micah. hahaha











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