Lessons learned during my 3-day Hiatus a.k.a Retreat

Last July 2016, I went on a three-day hiatus in Assumption Baguio. I have been planning to do this for the longest time and then one day Ate Honey told me to go pack my bags for an all-expense paid retreat with my favorite Spiritual Person, Sister Fidelis. Sino ba namang aayaw dun diba? 🙂 Maybe she also felt the need for me to do it because honestly I was totally wasted that time because of 3 reasons. (1) My stepfather and my brother were in the hospital, and it was stressful not just to me but what more to my mom who lived in the hospital for one month. (2) I was in the “I don’t know what stage” of moving on because of one person who made me feel a lot of things only to find out that he’s not really who he said he is. (3) I was burned out of all the things I am doing and even if I am happy, I was torn between what’s really meant for me.

It’s been eight months since that retreat but I have not been able to write about it in my blog, but since I was scanning through my journal earlier and saw my scribbles, I decided this should definitely be a blog entry. Below are my notes after three sessions with Sister Fidelis and a lot of alone time, eating, sleeping, and dreaming. PS. I can only talk during my sessions with her.


Be honest and open with Ate Honey about my issues with family like how I wanted to provide for them more and stuff. Maybe Ate can help me manage my finances better and help me with my personal life goals. ( because I suck at organizing my personal goals)

It gives me the sense of fulfillment when I can provide for my family, and it makes me happy seeing them happy. Though I am kinda torn, I can still serve and continue this mission that God has given me and at the same time help my family. Always remember that God provides especially when you are doing the work in His name. And also I need to help myself, improve on some aspects of my life that could also help me with this mission. Maybe I should even go out more often and meet people so I can learn from them and share myself with others more.


I am in the midst of a spiritual journey ( until now), and she told me to look for like-minded people who can share with me the same light as serving God. Sister Fidelis gave me a book entitled Seven Prayers, and it has been helping me through my spiritual journey. It helped me connect with Him more every day.


THAT WE ARE DEFINED BY WHAT WE HAVE- that if we have the money and materials things we are better but actually WE ARE NOT. Material things do not define us and money can’t buy everything especially LOVE.

THAT WE ARE DEFINED BY WHAT WE DO- that if we are in a high position, we are important. WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT. So we should not be insecure about other people’s accomplishments because we are as equally important as them. We might think that what we do is not essential, but it is.

THAT WE ARE DEFINED BY WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT US- What other people think of us doesn’t define us as a person, it’s what we feel about ourselves and what God thinks of us that matters. We are unique and special in every way possible.

GOD AND YOU ARE SEPARATE- We are one with God. God is with us. God is in us. We are a piece of God. A spark of God. We can be like God by doing things Jesus do, and it is to serve.

I have a lot of takeaways every after our session, and I was just crying the whole time, and it was so liberating for me to let it all go. After the meetings, I wrote down reminders for myself when I go back to Manila that would help me in my journey.

  • Find a spiritual community to help strengthen my faith.
  • Have a “ME TIME” and do the things I love ( write, paint, read, watch movies, etc.) and be strict about it.
  • Remove all work/office stuff in the room. I cannot think of work/mission all the time because it can/will burn me out. I also need to chill and think about other stuff.
  • Find someone constant, not necessarily a boyfriend but a best friend. Someone who I can talk to about anything, I can date in the spa or in the movies or whatever best friends do.
  • We should sleep early because if your nerves are stressed, you give out negative energy.
  • Do not be stressed out with people who are not doing their tasks or cannot meet deadlines. That means they are unable, unaware and I should be the one to help them.
  • Continue the noble act of serving and remember that God will provide and take care of my family.
  • Be patient like a Circle. ( I need patience every day!)
  • Know me better through a lot of alone time (journaling) and little adventures.
  • Spread Love and Light every day.

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