Glendford’s Birthday Surprise x Pool Prank

Glempot is our only birthday celebrant for March and ever since we’ve been friends we have never organized a surprise party for him. On his 2015 birthday, we cooked spaghetti and chicken, and we ate dinner together while last 2016 he treated me and Kat for a coffee kasi kumain na kami nung dumating sya ( sayang ahaha) and also breakfast the next day.

This year, he blurted out in our group chat that he’ll go to our Peace Home for his birthday surprise. ( like diba? 🙂 So ayun plano na agad kami for his birthday surprise kasi baka pumunta talaga sya tas walang tao hahaha. Although he knows naman that we’re going to surprise him at least he didn’t know how.

Here’s the plan:


1. Set of Men’s Pajama – he mentioned that he’d love to have a pair cos during sleepovers with his classmates and org mates he and Lloydie usually were shorts. ( Kat and I remembered this when we are finally looking for a gift for him). Kaya ganern! It’s very important to remember little details your friend tells you para alam nyo na agad kung ano ang gusto nya.

2. CD Compilation – a compilation of soundtrack of our friendship with an explanation why each friend chose that certain song. He usually does cd compilations or other DIY gifts for his UP friends and this time gusto namin kami naman magbigay sa kanya. ( I think he was happy receiving it cos sabi nga pangarap nya makareceive ng ganun lol) P.S. Make sure meron kayong CD Burner to make sure magplay ang CD. hahaha

ALBUM back COVER.jpg

PS. ulit hindi na ako nakapagpicture ng stuff sa sobrang busy pero ito ang back cover ng CD.

3. Little Diploma’s/ Letters – We asked our friends ( peace siblings)  to recall their best memories or unforgettable moments with Glen and we make it into little diplomas. It symbolizes the friendship that he built with each and every one of us that have been tested through time and trials.. Also because he is graduating soon! Yey!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 5.59.14 PM.png
We also collected birthday messages and greetings from his school mates and org mates.


Kat and I prepared the menu, he just mentioned he’d like to have pasta but parang kami ni Kat ang may birthday cos yung fave food namin ang pinrepare namin. haha. We’ve been wanting to try the seafood pasta na natikman namin last time and ayan.


Seafood Pasta 

Ingredients: Pasta, Shrimp, Crabs, Tuna, Tomatoes, Parsley, Parmessan Cheese, Quickmelt Cheese, Contadina Aglio Pasta Sauce

Taco Chenelyn

Ingredients:  Tortillas, Beef, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Cumin, Cayene Pepper, Cheese, ( AND I FORGOT THE SAUCE HAHAHA) Ang saya!

Chocstogo x Rice 

Because Glen’s favorite food according to Jude is RICE. Para naman daw mafeel nya na birthday nya kaya napilitan kaming magsaing at bumili ng manok haha.

Ice Cream 

Sponsored by Regie and Louise. The long awaited ice cream to celebrate their anniversary hehe.


Since we don’t have budget to buy cake, we opted for a DIY birthday cake made of cupcakes. And because he sleeps everywhere we gather all his sleeping photos and make tusok to the cupcakes 🙂 It is so personalized and bagay talaga sa kanya. hahahha



So Bess suggested to us the “KALILINTAD SONG” and paitan ng Happy Birthday para mas personalized: ( Tune: Old Mcdonalds had a Farm)

Kumain ng extra rice, ito ay si Glendford.

HBD GLEN. HBD GLEN. Nagmumula sa amin. 

Masandal tulog agad, ito ay si Glendford.

HBD GLEN. HBD GLEN. Nagmumula sa amin. 

Nangunguna sa pag-akyat, ito ay si Glendford

HBD GLEN. HBD GLEN. Nagmumula sa amin. 

Buong-buo kung magmahal ito ay sa Glendford

HBD GLEN. HBD GLEN. Nagmumula sa amin. 



We have a (dirty) pool in our peace home and during Jude’s birthday last 2015 hinulog nila sa Jude so to get back to him we pranked him na ihuhulog namin sya sa pool. Sooo we blindfolded him, tinali, pinaikot, tinulak with us catching him.

IDK if it was effective pero sana kinabahan sya ng slight since puro lamok ang pool that time. hahahha.




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