Weekend Adventure: Mt. Ngusong Kabayo + Tangwa Peak + Laiban Falls

It’s been nine (9)  months since our last mountain, and I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know how my body would respond since I don’t have a lot of physical activities for the past few months. I  made a few preparations before the climb; started exercising through the Nike App and also I slept few hours before the hike ( unlike before) but I am still nervous and was actually thinking of backing out  ( hehe).


Topload cos wala ng space sa loob but they loved it. PS. Nasa loob ako! Hahaha. 



The trail which opened last November 2016 is part of the Quatro Mountains in Brgy. Laiban; Mt. Ngusong Kabuyo ( 625 MASL) and  Tangka Peak ( 602 MASL) but what  excites me are the falls which have Kawasan-like features. I am thrilled to plunge into the cold water of Laiban Falls. But before we reach that part we still have to go through the two summits.

Wait Take 5.  PS. Super patient ni Ate guide sa akin 😀 

Reaching the summit is like one of the most challenging part ( always) not just for this but to all the mountains I have been. But thanks to Ate because she was there through my journey, we just chatted all throughout for like 6 hours. It was fun getting to know the locals and the community itself.



Brgy. Laiban, is one of the hard-to-reach community of Tanay, Rizal. There is only one Jeep that travels from and to the place every day, and because of that, a lot of people owns a habal-habal to get to the town proper. They also use it now as a means of income by bringing the hikers/tourists in and out of the Baranggay.

Mt. Ngusong Kabayo Summit

Some locals are part of the Dumagat Tribe and the Cultural Fee worth PHP 20.00 goes to the Scholarship program for the Dumagat kids according to Ate.  They have one elementary and one high school ( which opened last 2014, I think I am not so sure). Because of that children were given the opportunity to finish high school unlike before that only a few can afford to study High School in town.

Pang DP sana pero ang laki ng tyan ko haha


Group Photo with loves 


Tangwa Peak

On our way to the falls, we planted rambutan seedlings as part of the reforestation program of the local barangay. We paid PHP 10.00 per seedling which our guide brought. Ate mentioned that local guides grow their seedlings in their backyards so when hikers come, they got to plant their own trees. We planted ours near the falls because the soil is still moist so that seedlings can grow accordingly.

At last! Makakain na kami 🙂 1/4 Falls. 
Secret Falls from the 1st Fall.
Chikahan sa First Falls



Second Falls: Kung saan talaga naliligo ang mga tao.


Meanwhile nag-pupulong muna sila kung sino ang mauuna mag-dive hehe. And me chillin sa baba. lols


Pauwi na us. Nakaktakot ng slight ang pababa na ito dahil sobrang steep. 
The jump-off is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the Second Falls kaya medj chill nalang kami maglakad. Good thing na halos flat nalang siya kasi sobrang sakit na ng legs ko. 
After magbihis and before we leave, picture muna with our Guides 🙂 Thank you so much for helping us conquer Mt. Ngusong Kabayo and Tangwa Peak. They’ve been so helpful in our journey, lalo na sa akin kasi best in chika si Ate at talaga namang hindi ko ramdam ang hirap cos of her. 


Last weekend was definetely fun. Got to bond with my Tropang Sumabit again and conquer my first mountain this year. I am excited for more at hopefully we can achieve our one mountain per month goal.

Photos from: Glenford and Sheyna




  • PHP 20.00 – Jeepney from Katipunan to Cogeo Gate 2
  • PHP 55.00- Jeepney from Cogeo Gate2 to Mayagay 1
  • PHP 100.00 – Habal-Habal per pax from Mayagay 1 to Brgy. Laiban
  • PHP 100. Registration Fee (20), Environmental Fee (40), Cultural Fee ( 20) Entry to Falls ( 20)
  • PHP 100.00  Guide fee (max of 5pax)
  • PHP 80.00 – Seedlings ( we need to plant seedlings along the way)
  • PHP 150.00 – Habal-Habal per pax from Brgy. Laiban to Sampaloc Jeep Terminal
  • PHP 65.00 – Jeep from Sampaloc Terminal to Cogeo
  • PHP 22.00 – Jeep from Cogeo to Anonas Cubao
  • PHP 150.00- Mt.Inasal ( Food Fee) 😀
  • PHP 8.00 – Jeepney from Anonas to Katipunan
  • PHP 220- Trail Food, Water and Canned Goods ( baon for all of us)

              PHP 1, 070.00 -TOTAL 






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