In Summary: February 2017


Bakit ang bilis ng February? Parang isang lingo lang ang lumipas grabe March na agad. We arrived from Maguindanao last Feb 2, at super-haggard cos of the daily travel and jetlag but IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE oF HEALING and stuff that I mentioned in my Jan post. Anyway highway, below are the summary of my February 2017.

Golden Wheel Awards 

With the clingy squad few days after our 1-week peace mission.

Rotary International District 3780 awarded Ate Honey with the the Golden Wheel, and, we, the supportive and overly clingy squad was with her during the awarding. And theeen, it lead to a sleep-over in Ate Honey’s condo.

Sleepover at the Peace Condo

Cos we can’t get enough of each other after our Peace Mission, we stayed at Ate Honey’s crib to bond. But I literally just ate and watch them play cards. | Early morning bfast with loves before heading out.

Back in the happiest place on earth.


Welcome back to me and welcome to them! 


It’s been 4 years since I went to PICC and I am overly ecstatic cos the theme for the month of February is so fitting for a healing heart like me. I went there with my TPBPM fam after our sleepover at Ate Honey’s crib. ( As usual umiyak ako)


Sinabayan ang beat during UP Fair 2017


My TPBPM family after tumayo ng 4 hours. 

This is one of the pinaka-aabangang event of the year, and I am extra thrilled about this year’s UP FAIR cos one of my bibi is part of the creatives team. Uber proud of Glempot, his team  and all the organizers for making UP FAIR 2017 a big success.

Also had so much fun na tumalon-talon at magpa-uto kay Yael aahaha. See you next year!


I’m Drunk I love You

“Hirap lang talagang hindi-an yung taong minahal mo ng sobra. Alam mo yung walang-wala ka na, pero pag nandyan sya parang kahit may konting natira parang hindi mo magawa e, hindi mo ma-hindi-an.” 😌 – Dio “I’m Drunk, I love you.”


Ramen Hunting

In our quest to find the best ramen/noodles in town…

Teya and I were so hungry after watching Fifty Shades Darker so we went to Ramenagi for a bowl of ramen.   Noodle Score: 4 out of 5                                                                                                  


After a 5-hour trip from Pampanga to Makati and a 3-hour meeting which also includes devouring doughnuts, 1 frappe, and some left-over Thai Food, I still want more so we wolf down a bowl of noodles at  Sumosam in Greenbelt 3.   Noodle Score: 3.5 out of 5                                                                                                                



Documentary: Hugo by Rhadem Morados


Watch a documentary by fellow peace hero, Rhadem Morados. HUGO is a film about the BULOL commonly known as the “Igorot Rice God” . But is it really a rice god? Watch Hugo and you will find out. 


Secretariat Get-Together


Binge-eating with the Secretariat Team. To more lamons, movies and sleepless nights we conquer together. I am so happy that our family is growing, hindi na kami all-girls. yey! 


Of course, hindi mawawala ang Peace Journey Session, wherein we strenghten our relationship by knowing each other better. Excited na ako sa lahat ng peace missions natin together. 🙂 



Qoute from February 2014




It has been a roller coaster ride, lalo na yung lumabas yung Series of commercials ng Jollibee. Meged yung bubuyog na yun, ang lakas ng trip magpa.-iyak. huhu.

I am excited to share my March adventures to you  at the end of the month. Yey!


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