5 songs, 5 stories

I love music. I’m a kind of person who always associate every happening in my life with songs. There have been a lot of memories which I remember every time I hear a certain melody. I am listing below five songs that correspond to 5 random stories that happened to me.


I was in Grade 1 when I met Peddie, my first crush. He is the cousin of my classmate/neighbor and we instantly became friends when we were introduced. We used to play in our nipa-hut/cottage near the street and he would always bring me pizza when he comes and visits his cousin.

One summer while we are playing he taught me this song. It is the very first song that I memorized, it meant a lot to me because he was my crush! Three summers later, we stopped being friends. I don’t know what happened, but we started avoiding each other. I really like him before, and I would love to know how he is right now. ( walang update bes)


Nothing romantic about this song, but I was in first year High School when I first heard this song. This became the anthem of our section, the section Bombil. My classmates ( me included) would sing this song every day for like one year. They even brought a radio in school just so we could listen to songs, especially this one, every day. I feel sentimental listening to this song because it brings back so many high school memories, the good and the bad. I would always remember my late friend Augus, he was our class clown. He makes sure we are always happy and would always remind us that everything will be alright. He along with Angel and Janine formed a group called JAC’02 ( Janine, Angel, Augus 2002) and they became the singing trio of our section. They made my first year in Davao a little less boring through their songs and their funny antics.


I had a best friend in High School, that I really really liked. High school would never be as memorable without him in it.

April 15, 2005- It is our graduation ball, and I was feeling sad and happy at the same time. Happy because I survived High School without getting into any trouble and with high grades and sad because I will be leaving for Manila few days after that ( I studied HS in Davao). It was my last night with my friends, and while I am also not feeling well I still tried to bond with them. We were getting our food on the buffet table when he approached me. He checked if I was okay, I informed him that I’m not feeling well. He hugged me and kinda move me into a dancing motion. ( Hindi ko alam paano eexplain pero parang sinayawsayaw nya ako. hayy naker.) He was called by his friends so he needed to leave but he told me that he’d dance with me on the dance floor later. I got kilig and feels like a thousand angels lifted me up.

I waited for 3 hours for him to go into my seat and ask for me to dance with him. The dj announced that he will be playing the last song for the night and it goes:

Come on lay here beside me, I’ll tell you how I feel.

There’s a secret inside of me, I’m ready to reveal. 

To have you close, embrace your heart with my love.

Over and over. 

These are things that I promise, My promise to you.

For all of my life, You are the one

I will love you faithfully forever.

All of my life, you are the one.

I’ll give to you my greatest love.

For all of my life. 

I searched for him in the dance floor, and there I saw him dancing with his ex-girlfriend. I was wrecked. I could not explain how I feel that moment, I was just standing in the corner crying because the love of my life didn’t dance with me when he told me he will and because he was dancing with his ex-girlfriend. The song speaks to me that moment, I’d really love to tell him how I feel but that sight of him looking so happy ( not because of me) damaged me. After that night, I could not even talk to him properly, I was so broken I don’t know if he noticed. I left for Manila without talking to him about it.

I realized that the lyrics truly speaks for what I feel to him. I would always remember him as the man I fell deeply in love with. The man that I don’t want to be awkward with that’s why I would always choose us to be friends. I had a lot of chances to tell him about how I feel, but I didn’t, for a thousand reasons that my heart can’t explain.

PS. Okay naman kami ngayon. 🙂 Masaya siya, masaya nadin ako. Yey!

IN MY DREAMS by REO Speedwagon 

I was mending a broken heart when I first heard this song on a radio program in YES FM where the dj reads a letter from a sender. It was a story of a guy who was studying medicine who really liked his girl best friend but he was so “torpe” and shy that he could not confess his love for the girl. The girl eventually got a  boyfriend. She seemed happy for years and he also got into some not so serious relationships to cover up for his feelings. During their school’s Foundation Day, he got to sing with his band, and then the girl was also in the crowd. He sang the song while looking at the girl in the eyes. It was his way of confessing his hidden love to her best friend.

He was taking his internship in a hospital when one night a patient was rushed to the emergency room. He was shocked when he saw who it was. The love of his life on the stretcher, full of blood. His best friend died, and it felt like the end of the world. During the wake, the girl’s mom approached him and gave him a box. She told him to open it when is already alone.

It is already 12 in the midnight when he got home from the funeral, he gathered all the courage to open the box. Tears came running down his face when we saw what’s inside the box; pictures of them together in the different events of their lives, a CD of their favorite songs and a letter. The letter from his best friend, the love of his life confessing how much she loves him for 8 years.

He cried for as long as he could, it was already too late for him to tell her that she mean the world to him because she is already gone.

(Ang haba bess, naubos English ko)

Moral of the story: 

Always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye but regrets can last a lifetime.

COMPLICATED HEART by Michael Learns to Rock 

If you have been reading my posts, both public and private you’ll know that 2 years ago I fell in love, yet again it didn’t work out cause I was just one “hopya” kind of girl who believes and is still believing in fairy tales and happy ever after. ( mahabang story, ayaw kong ulitin, sakit sa heart bes

Last August 2016, we had an opportunity to be in one place. We were invited by one of my peace mom from Cotabato to have dinner that turned into a videoke sesh. I tried really hard to not feel awkward and be as friendly as possible even if my heart hurt a bit. When we transferred to another room, ( into the videoke room kasi ang ingay sa labas) it was when everything turned uncomfortable. I was still trying to be friendly however he started ignoring me. I was confused because I just want to be friends. He didn’t talk to me at all, instead, he sang Complicated Heart by MLTR. ( His voice is good, though) and below are the lyrics that stayed with me:

Don’t know what to say now 
Don’t know where to start 
I don’t know how to handle ….. 

Don’t know what you’re thinking 
To me it seems quite tough 
To hold a conversation 
When words are not enough 
So this is your decision

and it makes me think, is this why he is not talking to me? Is he really anxious and don’t know how to talk to me? I was waiting so bad for his explanation and the answers to the why’s but I realized that if he’s gonna be like this, I will not be able to get the clarification that I want. So I did not discuss it with him after that.  I just believe that God will provide me with the answers in His own right time (maybe when I am ready) and in the right place.    And now, I remember him in all MLTR songs. hayy naku.

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