What upsets me?

I am currently practicing the power of positivity and optimism because really I want to live peace as a way of life every day, however, there are still moments that really pisses me off, for instance:


Cluttered and Dirty Room/Office/House


Who wants a cluttered and dirty place? No Thanks. It feels like my mind is also cluttered knowing that it’s a mess around me. I can’t start working when I know that there are clouds of dust and germs everywhere. ( K ang arte please) Maarte din ako sa CR, pag madumi ang CR feeling ko nililigo ko din ang dumi pag naliligo ako. Medyo OC ako pag nakakalat ang mga kung ano-ano sa paligid ko, although hindi naman ako yung OA na naglilinis every day, I would really love it if people are also conscious about having an orderly and clean space.

Other People imposing their ideas and opinions to me.

'I'm your mother -- I'm supposed to impose my moral values on you!'

I mean, I have no problem with people expressing their ideas and opinions, they just don’t have to make me believe them or their opinions when I have my own. That’s not nice.

Being ignored and when something changes.


I notice everything, I am aware of every pattern a person does toward me and when something changes I notice it too. It upsets me especially when I don’t know what went wrong and why all of a sudden something has changed. Please note that I am very observant and I can see things through even if you don’t tell me what’s wrong, I can notice it when something is not right.

People thinking that they know me when in reality they don’t.


I hate it when people think they know every bit of me, SERIOUSLY? I am a very complicated, mysterious and invisible person so that even think one bit that you do know me 100%, cause you don’t. I don’t usually reveal myself to one person, I love the feeling of mystery.

Broken Promises and Trusts


 I am having a hard time trusting people, because of my past experiences. That’s why when I trust you like full time, DO NOT EVER BREAK THAT because that only means I am breaking all my walls just to be able to trust you and that you only have a once in a life time chance to make me trust you.

And also do not ever say the word PROMISE to me because I value promises so much and it would really break my heart if hindi mo naman matutupad, wag ka nalang mag.promise or gawin mo nalang without telling me. 🙂

PS: Ang hirap ng topic na ito, mga isang buwan ko ata pinag-isipan at unti-unting kinilala ang sarili  para lang masagot ang tanong na “What makes me upset?”

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