Holy Week Hike: Montalban Trilogy

Spent the holy week with my loves, it was an unexpected trip, but it was incredible. We conquered new summits, got to pitched our tents ( I was super excited about this), meet new friends, Lloydie and Regina and I got to bond with these amazing people. They are like my family already so every moment with them is always memorable.


Off to our first mountain, Mt. Haponang Banoi.

Ang ending, I went dizzy on our way up to this place ( where Pamitinan and Banoi meets) and so I stayed here, in this stall and helped Ate Merry sell her halu-halo, eggs and boiled bananas. I also slept for more than 2 hours while waiting for them. hahaha.
I did not missed hiking the other mountain, Mt. Pamitinan cos how lame is that? I went there my loves, and boom. It was worth all the sugat because of the pointed stones.
Mt. Pamitinan Summit.


According to legends, the twin mountains of Pamitinan and Binacayan are said to be separated by a mythical fol hero names Bernardo Carpio by his brute force in an act of self-liveration, creating the gorge, the river and the rock formation while Mt. Hapunang Banoi’s name ( tagalog word for eagle) is said to be the folkloric seat as the place where eagle’s come to dine. ( pinoymountaineer)


It was almost 6 pm when we settled in the camping grounds near Wawa Dam. We pitched our tents, prepared our food and drinks and had a peace journey session. It kind of became our tradition to do this every time we are out, for us to get to know each other better. We ate spicy adobo for dinner and stayed up to 2:00 am and by 5:00 AM, our guide, Kuya Efren woke us up.


On our second day, Glen, Jas, Micah went for a third mountain. They climbed Mt. Binacayan which is adjacent Pamitinan, while we are enjoying our tents, duyan and our breakfast.


Prepared a boodle feast for sharing. Corned Beef, Salted Eggs and Tinapa for lunch 🙂



Duyan Goals muna with our kayumangear duyans before leaving.



Uwi na us. It was a holy week well-spent. Spending time with my loves as well as reflecting while on the mountains.


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