That feeling when all you want to do is click  ctrl+z (undo) so you could change history or ctrl+e to erase all things that have been said and done but then you can’t, cause it’s not photoshop or microsoft word. In real life, there is no delete button or undo button to rewrite whatever wrong you have done.
This is reality and there is no time machine where we can go back to certain moments of our lives where we can fix something when we don’t like its outcome. All we have to do is accept and move on.

That feeling when you are the one who stopped being friends with someone, you are the one who first stopped texting and replying but then after 3 weeks all you want to do is viber him or call him to hear his voice. But you can’t because you still respect yourself and your ego is telling you to stop and see your worth! And all you have to do is wait for him to communicate which is like impossible since it’s been almost a month now but still you are optimistic that he will. ( Yah I wish he will cause I freakin miss him 😦 )

That feeling when you really don’t know what to do with your life and then everyone is expecting that you have already figured out your life’s purpose. But then you said to yourself “Can’t I have quarter life crisis too?” Haha. And because of the super busy schedule, I really don’t have time to assess my self if I am going in the right direction or if my goals have been met or If I am really happy. I am happy yes I know that but there are things that could make me even happier if ever. Like hearing my music being played on the radio or my books being published or made into a movie something like that! Hehehe. I guess I should start making those things happen, now na! These have been my dreams since I was elementary and my heart is constantly telling me to pursue it and I think I should. Because I have always believed that “wherever your heart is, there lies your treasure.”

“wherever your heart is, there lies your treasure.”


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