It is seldom that we meet people who will inspire us and teach us different lessons that life requires us to absorb, even if they don’t know that they are inspiring us. I am listing the top ten people who have inspired me in many ways. These people are important most especially for my growth as a person. (I do not include family members here because if I do the no.1 would be my grandparents who cared and loved me unconditionally and all the other spots will also be filled with my family so I decided that they should be disqualified for this entry haha  ) You will notice that my list mostly consists of authors because I really love to read.

  1. POPE JOHN PAUL II – who will not fall in love with him? Everyone loves him right? even after he passed away, his memory and his love to mankind remain most especially to the people whose heart he has touched. He has touched me, (not the literal meaning of it but the spiritual sense) I fell in love with this adorable and loving pope when I read about him from Readers Digest, I also watch a movie/documentary about his life and that’s where I started to be blessed by a person who is a hundred miles away from me. When he died last April 2005, I cried buckets of tears as if a family member died. I feel that I was robbed, robbed by the opportunity to meet the most influential person in my life. He actually changed me. He made me read the bible, he made me pray and he made my faith stronger.
  2.  PAOLO COELHO– It was 2008 when I first read his best-selling masterpiece “The Alchemist” and I fell in love not just with the story but with Paolo himself. I fell in love with the way he made the story. As a dreamer myself I love the quote which was in the book that says “When you have a dream, all the universe will conspire in helping you achieve it” , this quote inspires me most especially when I lose hope and feeling weary, I just dream. “Wherever your heart is, there you’ll find your treasure” true? yes. totally!  I actually have a collection of all his books and am still waiting for the new one to be published.
  1. BO SANCHEZ –I fell in love with Bo back in 2006 when I was a volunteer in a Congregation near our house in QC. I usually sneak a peek to the magazines that are arranged to the living room of the Sisters house, and there I found Kerygma Magazine. A spiritual magazine published by Shepherd’s Voice and where BO SANCHEZ is the founder I love the inspiring stories that they share and the encouraging words that they advised their readers. But it was only in 2010 when I can finally afford to buy his books, but before that, I am just contented to read his blogs and get a subscription from his website. Now I have 6 of his books and still reading his daily blog posts. I am happy that my curiosity back then lead me to him.
  2. DENNIS JOROLAN – He was my professor in Physics but more than that I am his apprentice. I prepare his materials for his 3d Animation Class, buy him coffee and prepare the room before he starts his classes etc. He was actually the first one to introduce me the coffee-milo mix, which is so yummy. He is my idol, he’s very good at the craft that I dream to learn one day, Animation. He’s very soft-spoken, jolly, warm, kind and very patient with all of his students. I will be his student for the second sem of 2009 which makes me so excited, I will be learning Animation under his care. But last August 21, 2009, he went to heaven. We were all devastated. I was furious, I was heart broken. I just talked to him the other day and now he’s gone. I just bought him his coffee before his class at 9 pm but now he is gone. Everyone cried because the mentor that they all loved had left them but also felt so happy to be part of this great person’s journey. During his wake, all the people that he has touched stayed with him, We sang songs, we shared stories and it’s so inspiring how my mentor has touched so many lives. In the end, even if he left us, his memory, his legacy, his lessons remain in the deepest part of our hearts., I miss you Sir DENJ! See you in heaven.
  3. BAI ROHANIZA SUMNDAD-USMAN – She is our ATE HONEY. A Muslim Princess who also happens to be my boss. I am her no.1 fan (besides her parents and husband) I am her manager and her publicist, a joke that we all loved to play. Back then I have a very negative perception of Muslims, which is also caused by bad media publicity and of course personal experiences. But everything changed when I met her and get to know how wonderful she is. We first met last March 5, 2010, at a Conference about Mindanao where we are both participants. She is just so different, we didn’t talk a lot back then but we played games with Doc and his friends. My mentor and tatay-tatayan Sir Gaddi happens to be his cousin as well that’s why we started to volunteer in the NGO where she was a Country Director. Her fashion sense is girly and classic at the same time which makes her stand.out, she is not just an ordinary Muslim but a woman of taste and substance. Ate Honey is balanced, she is a kind of person that will see to it that no one gets hurt or no one gets disappointed. She’s the one who taught me how to be organized, fair and patient. She taught me to be calm most especially during pressured moments. She helped me improved myself little by little. She is my ever lovely and charming boss, idol, friend, and ate. I am her Robin and she’s my Batman. And for all the things that we have been through since the day we met, I am just so lucky to by her side through all the ups and downs, through the endings and new beginnings. I appreciate that she value my opinions and is always willing to understand me even if I am a bit stubborn sometimes. I can totally see both of us growing old together as friends and as peace advocates.
  4. JANE MARIE DIMACISIL – Ate Jane is also a Muslim, A professor in University of Perpetual help, Laguna and a Psychologist. I loved her so much and I am inspired by her dedication and passion to serve most especially the people in Mindanao. When the typhoon Sendong hits Cagayan and Iligan, she raised her own funds just to fly their and conduct trauma healing and counseling to the devastated people affected by the flood. She is one of my idols in this peacebuilding mission aside from ate Honey. Ate Jane is jolly, fun and free spirited and a very good Muslim.
  5. BOB ONG – I bought all of his books last Christmas as a gift to myself. And I did not regret it because it is so fun to read. The books “ABNKKBSNPLAKo?” and “Bakit baliktad magbasa ng libro ang mga Pilipino” bring back a lot of childhood memories. His books are so easy to relate to, I guess that’s why he’s a big hit to the Filipinos. He writes his own experiences that a typical Filipino would relate because it’s also the same things that happened to them. I like him and he inspires me to be a writer about my life. His books are my stress reliever
  6. BIANCA GONZALES – She is actually the reason why I ended up blogging. My first blog was last 2006 on blogger and that’s where I met her during one of my blog hopping session. I didn’t like her because she is TV personality or a good host but because she writes from the heart. I visit her blog regularly to get a peek at her life outside her showbiz world and to get inspiration on what to write about. She actually has an entry in her blog about TOP TEN PEOPLE every year, and that’s where I got this idea.
  7. SARAH LUMANG –  I got close to Ate Sarah while we were doing the Longest Peace Mural in Camp Aguinaldo, EDSA. She and her whole family were with us every Saturday to paint colors of Peace to the walls of Camp Aguinaldo. She inspires me because she is a Super Mom! She has two cute bunnies, Chloe and Erin and I am just in awe by how Ate Sarah handles her kids. If ever I will have a family of my own, I would like to be like her with how I treat my children. I adore the bunnies so much for their selfless heart and passion for service. I hope all mommies and children are like them.
  8. AG SANO – I met Kuya AG back in 2010 when we were doing a peace mural in Maharlika Elementary School. He was just so cute and sexy even though he’s a bit messy because of the paints all over his clothes. ( pero mas cute yung kasama nya na hanggang ngayon ay crush ko parin, haha sorry kuya!) I got to know him because of all the projects and peace missions that we did together and I feel so blessed to be friends with the “FATHER of PHILIPPINE MURALS”. Kuya AG is one of the most humble people I know, he doesn’t have a bad cell in his body. He is always calm and always sees the good in everyone and everything. He gives me food for thoughts and bits of advice that would really make me think. He is one of the most selfless people I know, he lives to serve and protect the environment. I would like to live a life like his, filled with purpose and fueled by love.

Thanks to all of this person who made my life complete, who inspires me in any way possible and who teaches me a lot of things about loving life.

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