He left this morning with all this stuff. Everything happened so fast, words were said and we can’t take it back.

“This is what we need, space for healing away from each other”, I told myself and I guess I have convinced my self to believe that.

I woke up feeling okay because I know it is what’s best for both of us, but I broke down when I saw our closet. All his clothes are gone, all I see is the white blank space staring at me.

I want to rewind the moment when he was fixing his stuff to stop him but I can’t, It’s done. And we need it, we need space to heal whatever is damaged and broken.

I know we are still friends but I just wish one day we can just laugh when we remember about this crap.

I wish months from now we can finally say we are okay and we have learned from everything that happened.

But for now, we need space.

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