Tabi tabi po sa bangkay, lulubog lilitaw sa saradong hukay.

I was just 8 years old when I first watched Magic Temple but up to now, the memory  is  fresh and when I watched it again this year, it still gives me goose bumps. The video effects during that time is not that high-tech as compared today but I think it is still very good that as a child, it made me believed in magic, magic realms,  fairy tales and happy endings.

I fell in love with the characters most especially Juval 😀 He is so cute, I wonder where he is right now. Magic Temple is one part of my childhood that I will never forget. It makes me miss my childhood friends and the things we did together. Missing my cousins too who used to play with me when they visit us in the countryside.

I miss being a kid again, playing around our house, listening to horror stories, playing hide and seek under the moonlight, climbing up the mango tree in our farm, dancing and playing in the rain, going to the seaside with my lolo, and visiting our relatives during fiestas ( my lolos brothers and sisters are living 3 barangays from ours, so I always get really excited when we visit them). So when I feel that, I just watch this movie and the nostalgic feeling is all back. ( and ilove it 😀 )

By the way, I heard that Star Cinema will be doing a remake of the movie top billed by DJ and Kath this 2014. I am not against them really, but I just wish they will give justice to this very epic movie. I will surely watch it and see if they’ll give me the same feeling like the original characters.

Oh well, if you want to watch the movie. Here’s the link from youtube. 😀

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