Food Trip sa Zamboanga

When we were in Zamboanga conducting assessments after the Zamboanga Seige and  I could not resist by try the different cuisines Zambo has to offer. As a foodie, it feels like heaven being there with a lot of foods to try from Tausug foods and the local Zambo Dishes.


screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-14-31-pmI have heard so much about this, My friends said this is a must try so from the airport, we went straight to Alavar Restaurant to try it. The dish is so mouth watering I even finished 6 cups of rice. hihi. The sauce can stand alone by itself and can be an “ulam” already.

Funny thing is, our former intern who is studying in ADZU is bestfriends with the owner’s daughter, so we asked her to get us free alavar sauce that we can bring back to Manila. hihi




screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-14-38-pmMy friend Madz had been very excited to go back to Zambo since he grew up there and he missed the place a lot, most especially the food. Knicker Bucker is a dessert composed of sliced fruits and gelatin topped with ice cream of your choice. 😀 It was so heavenly but since I have been eating non-stop for two days, I only ate 1 order. ( I could have eaten 2 or 4..hahaha)




screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-14-45-pmThis is the first breakfast that I had in Zambo, it is called SATTI: hanging rice and beef bbq with overflowing sweet and spicy sauce.

The locals really loved the food because the place were always packed when we go there. I loved the combination of the sauce with the beef and rice, actually you can eat it with just the sauce and the rice. 😀 It is also a must try when you are in Zamboanga.


That’s my top 3 Zambo Food Must Try :D, I have also tried a lot of Tausug Cuisines when we ate in Teng’s Grill but I forgot the names of the dishes.  I was enjoying it too much that I forgot to even ask the names haha.

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